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OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts Precision Stamping Parts

OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts Precision Stamping Parts

  • High Light

    OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts


    Metal Precision Stamping Parts


    Polishing Fabrication Metal Parts

  • Material Capabilities
    Stainless Steel,Aluminium,Copper,Brass
  • Process
    Metal Sheets Fabrication,Welding Cutting Punching Stamping
  • Tolerance
  • Equipment
    Precision Nonstandard Parts,Precision Stamping Parts
  • Surface Treatment
    Hot Galvanized, Polishing, Zinc-plated, Nickel-plated, Chrome-plated, Silver-plated, Gold-plated, Imitation Gold-plated, Powder Coating, Etc.
  • Applications
    Automotive,Medical,Telecom,Construction,machine Etc
  • Drawing Formats
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 pcs
  • Price
    USD $0.1-$1.99
  • Packaging Details
    Carton, As Customers'packaging requirements
  • Delivery Time
    Samples 7-10 days, Mass production 20-25 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    20000 pcs per week

OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts Precision Stamping Parts

OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts Precision Stamping Parts 0

OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts Fabrication Precision Stamping Parts


Description of Fabrication Metal Parts


Fabrication metal parts refer to components or pieces that are manufactured through metal fabrication processes. Metal fabrication involves various techniques such as cutting, bending, welding, machining, and assembling to shape and construct metal materials into desired forms.


Materials: Fabrication metal parts can be made from a wide range of metals, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper. The choice of material depends on factors such as strength requirements, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.


Bending and Forming: Metal parts may undergo bending or forming processes to achieve specific shapes or angles. This is often done using specialized equipment such as press brakes or roll formers.


Specification of Fabrication Metal Parts


Material Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, steel, iron, alloy, zinc,titanium, etc.
Surface Treatment Anodizing, Brushing, Galvanized, Laser engraving, Silk printing, Polishing, Powder coating, etc.
Tolerance ±0.1~0.005mm, 100% QC quality inspection before delivery, can provide quality inspection form
Testing equipment RoHS tester , callipers , salt spary tester , 3D coordonate measuring instrument
Processing Stamping, Pressing
File Formats Solid Works, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), PDF, TIF etc.
Service Project Mold design, mold product, and customization of logo, etc.
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015 Certified



Applications of Fabrication Metal Parts


1. Automotive Industry: Fabrication metal parts are used in the manufacturing of vehicles, including body panels, frames, brackets, exhaust systems, suspension components, and engine parts.

2. Construction and Architecture: Metal fabrication parts are essential in construction projects, such as structural steel beams, columns, staircases, handrails, façade elements, and roofing components.

3. Aerospace and Aviation: Metal parts fabricated through precision processes are used in the aerospace industry for aircraft structures, engine components, landing gear, interior fittings, and avionics equipment.

4. Industrial Machinery: Fabrication metal parts are integral to the manufacturing of machinery and equipment, including conveyor systems, machine frames, enclosures, gears, pulleys, and bearings.


Quality Control


1. Establish quality standards.
2. Plan quality control activities.
3. Inspect incoming materials.
4. Monitor and inspect during production.
5. Conduct final product inspection.
6. Keep documentation and records.
7. Continuously improve quality.
8. Train employees involved in quality control.
9. Gather customer feedback.
10. Address customer concerns and make improvements.



OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts Precision Stamping Parts 1



1. Quality control: the defective products rate is 0.1%. Imported material 100%.

2. Reasonable price. Precision made. Experience & reasonable QC that you can reply on.

3. Each part would be given 100% test and tryout before shipment.

4. Adequate supply capacity. Punctual delivery time.


OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts Precision Stamping Parts 2

OEM Custom Fabrication Metal Parts Precision Stamping Parts 3





Q: How can I customize my products ?

A: Please describe your project. Include the following information so that we can provide an accurate quote: Part Name, 3D CAD Drawing, Quantity, Material, Color, Finishing.


Q: How can I know my products going on ?

A: We will offer a detailed production schedule and send weekly reports with digital pictures and videos which show the production process.


Q: Can You sign a confidentiality greement ?

A: We can sign a confidentiality agreement according to your needs.


Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: 30% in advance ,70% balance before shipment. Other terms negotiable.


Q: Are you a trading company or factory?

A: We are direct factory with 20 experienced engineers and more than 80 employees as well approximate 3,000 square meters workshop area.


Q: What shall we do if we do not have drawings?

A: Please send your sample to our factory,then we can copy or provide you better solutions. Please send us pictures or drafts with dimensions(Length,Hight,Width),CAD or 3D file will be made for you if placed order.